USA trip

Vans Dirt and Roll

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I never go to contests but this one was good! After i don’t know 15h drive probably more we arrived at Jicin.

Beautiful location, crazy riders, good vibe. Maybe the jumps where little bit wet, yeah i know we don’t gonne complain about the weather!

The guys did a very good fix to make it rideble!

After 2 days judging and drinking to much beer we went to Prague visiting an old skatebowl.

 IMG_0619 IMG_0627

On the road to Dresden we had some car problems so we had a sleep next to the towing service and fixed the problem next morning.


 IMG_0636 IMG_0638 IMG_0641

IMG_0642 IMG_0645

Driving back to Belgium we stopped at the Friedhoftrails and Sturmbahn for some good sessions!

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IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0700



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This is BMX



For over a year we have been compiling a collection of photographs that sums up a trails riders’ common philosophy.

”Manual”  is a photography book telling stories about good guys who grew up together (or not) around a passion : digging jumps, going fast and flying high with their bikes. 
Even if sometimes they don’t know each other, all the contributors have put all their efforts to catch rare moments and share incredible photographs of their good times in the woods. 
After compiling these materials, we have mixed the photos our way and have tried to extract the essence of what trails means to us all. Surprises garanteed, even for the contributors!

A non-profit project
As you may know, printing a nice book costs a lot of money. However, we decided to do it without sponsors and without any advertising, to maintain our independence. All of this to create a book exactly how we wanted it: 100% home-made, thanks to the talents of the international trails community. And we were lucky enough to get to a very nice book at an affordable price : 26 euros.

Why a book ?
Today, the Internet is going so fast that we decided to sit a minute, and take our time to appreciate the good times. You know, the same things you feel after a good session with your friends sharing beers around the barbecue! Something rare today, trails riders have great human values and we thought it was important to sit them on paper. This book is not the Bible, it’s not our goal, but we hope it will make you feel all the pleasure we had to create it and all the passion we have to take care about our trails.

8 countries represented
France, USA, Poland, Australia, Belgium, New-Zealand, England, Spain.

More than 40 contributors
Some of them are teachers, others run businesses, are employees, photographers, architects or engineers, etc. But they all have something in common. Something that make them travel, meet people and have fun : trails. Thanks to each of them for sharing.
Ainhoa Emaldi Azkue, Alban Henderyckx, Alexandre “Pompom” Pommier, Alexandre Hoyer, Alexandre Piechta, Amiel Lambert, Arek Stan aka “Kogut”, Béatrice Madrid, Benoît “Enzo” Bergon, Bryan Barnhart, Bryan Yeagle, Clayton Berg, Dan Closser, Franck Duflo, François-Xavier Richard, Gaël Léger, Garrett Meyers, Gillian Peralta, Glen Hamilton, Jay Lonergan, Jean-Renaud Galtier, Jelle Nys, Jeremy Muller, Jerome Beeler Van Orman, Joe Rich, Josh Cernotta, Julien Beuvignon, Kuba Katarzyński, Marc Dioni, Marcin ‘Wróbel’ Wróblewski, Michał Sikora, Pat Kempany, Quentin ‘Godasse’ Labadens, Rhys Williams, Rob Dolecki, Seb Scott, Sig Cools, Sylvain Cassot, Sylvain Taro, Ted Van Orman, Thomas Assié, Tomasz Rakoczy, Vincent Perraud.

All gathered for 1 book of 132 pages.

Project’s team:
Marc Dioni, Julien Beuvignon, Franck Duflo, Ainhoa Emaldi and Béatrice Madrid.

Tsjechie and Germany

Where BMX gonna take us? We don’t know.

Just ride that little bike, drink some beer, see some beautiful places and make some new friends!

Prague! First stop, no second one first we had some German Polizei weed control.

Best way to discover a city.IMG_0159



This was a hard one, a lot of stairsIMG_0173






After some sms communication we came to this crazy dirtjumps, the roll in was insane. A 8m cancan by Foerske. Thanks to Martin!IMG_0200



Czech Republic

Jičín, trails city

We went to a typical Czech pub with Paul and Thomas. Drink a lot off half liters beer and had some funny conversations. This is the morning after, a hard one

LES trails nice spot, sad that we only could ride a few hours. It start raining just when i wanna take some pictures.

Thanks to the locals that we could ride LESIMG_0233

After Czech we drove to German and we were lucky to had a nice session with a lot of crazy Czech riders.

They were traveling with a bus to the friss dreck trail jam.IMG_0276




A german legend riding his local trails! one of the best jams i’ve been.IMG_0291


Foerske nacnac, best rider of the day!


Big fire! Thanks Markus and the other german people and czechis off course for one off the best days for 2013!

Thanks BMX!

eastern europe from jelle nys on Vimeo.